Project Marine Care


2/7 Marines opening Christmas Packages


Each month, we collect, package and ship at least 24 care packages to our troops overseas.

You may have seen us collecting for Project Marine Care at a storefront, military vehicle show, sporting event, community center or other location that we can contact people and get their help to support our troops.

We don’t only ship to Marine units. We ship to Army, Navy, Air Force as well. One team, one fight!

To support our troops overseas, we gather the items that we know our troops want and need. These range from climate and seasonal items such as new socks and hand warmers in the winter, to drink mix, hot sauce, energy drinks, beef jerky, baby wipes and other hygiene items.

How you can help!

Besides needing the items we ship, and the funds to purchase and ship them, we need the communities help with fund raising locations and the  products to ship. Sometimes, we will get a whole RV park to help our troops by gathering products and packaging them to ship out. With their help, we have shipped almost 200 boxes in one month! We pay the shipping through the USPS and can only afford to do this by fund raising as we are a 501(c)4 Non Profit Organization with a bronze rating from GUIDESTAR.

Also, we need to ship these out to U.S. forces serving over seas, so we often will get family members to get us the mailing addresses of their family members serving. We verify the FPO/APO address and get the name of a senior NCO to ship them to so they can distribute the items ass they are needed. We have used this method to ship out boxes as fast as the next day from getting an address of a family member over seas.

Thank you for your support of Project Marine Care!


Contact our PMC Coordinator with questions or a shipment request.