East Valley Veterans Day Parade

The Saguaro Detachment will participate in the East Valley Veterans Day parade on November 12, 2018.

Clem Amorose, chair of the Veterans Day Parade Committee for Saguaro Detachment, informs us that we will have several vehicles in this years parade. First will be the truck of Marine Collins which will be carrying all the flags of the U.S. forces. Next will be a flat bed truck carrying Jeff Senour and CTS which we are honored to have  share their music with our friends and neighbors in Mesa.

Members and family of Saguaro Detachment can ride on our truck float this year. Members who still meet the grooming standard and who qualify under regulations, may wear their Dress Blues for the parade.

This year, the theme of the parade is “Killroy Was Here” the ubiquitous graffiti from WWII found nearly everywhere U.S. forces went.

For more information, visit the following sites.

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Jeff Senour and CTS -website

“Killroy was here” -google search