2020 Coronavirus Outbreak – Update

Marines and Associates of Saguaro 554, Due to the rapidly changing requirements associated with the Coronavirus, all meetings and fundraisers continue to be cancelled until further notice.

I will try to keep everyone posted and notify if there are any positive changes.

Stay safe, remain vigilant.

– Butch Polanski – Commandant, Saguaro 554

Semper Fi


2020 is here and Saguaro Detachment will hold Officer nominations during the February 24 meeting.

If you are a regular member and interested in running for office, contact the Commandant prior to the February meeting or show up at the meeting and put your hat in the ring. If you intend to nominate another for office, please contact them and determine that they would be willing to fulfill the office if elected, prior to your nomination.

Elections for Saguaro Detachment Officers will be held at the MARCH 2020 business meeting.

Officer Elections 2019

Saguaro Detachment has elected new officers for 2019.

By M. Curry – 12FEB2019

On February 25, 2019 at the Detachment general meeting held at the poolside room at Fountain of the Sun resort, an election of Officers was held for 2019.

The newly elected Officers of the Detachment are…

E. “Butch” Polanski; Commandant

Keith Barrow; Sr. Vice Commandant

David Eneboe; Jr. Vice Commandant

Steve Orsini; Judge Advocate

The swearing in of Officers will be held during the 25 March 2019 meeting. The new Commandant will appoint the offices of Paymaster, Sgt.-at-arms, Quartermaster, Adjutant, Chaplain at that meeting. We encourage all members to attend.

East Valley Veterans Day Parade 2018

Saguaro Detachment is proud to participate in the East Valley Veterans Day Parade again this year.  Our Detachment Historian is in process of preparing a page reflecting Saguaro Detachment’s historical participation in the East Valley Veterans Day Parade which was very nearly cancelled many years ago but for the enormous efforts Saguaro Detachment and many of our members.

For more information, visit the E.V.V.P page on our site, and the E.V.V.P. website.