Website issues

Over the past few days, many of you noticed a blockage of our website and a warning from Google, ESET, Norton, McAffee about the site having “phishing” content.

This content was maliciously attached to our site by outside sources, apparently through an injection of code into then, out of date web software.

This content, and the rest of the website, was then blocked to limit access.

The content has been removed and all software updated, our web host has been very helpful at getting the site up and working again and we greatly appreciate their efforts.

We are still working with the blacklisting sites to remove our website from their list of malicious websites. Please contact the webSgt with questions or to report other issues. Thank you.

New Meeting Location

As of October 2018, we have a new, temporary meeting location.

Fountain of the Sun resort, in the Poolside room.

540 S 80th St, Mesa, AZ 85208

Members can ask directions at the guard house and you will be given a temporary pass and directions to the poolside room. Disabled parking available.

Note: we have a slightly earlier meeting time now. It will start at 1830 hrs.

See you there!

New site update 25 June 2018

These are the things I am working on today. Updated 29 Oct 2018


  • creating new email addresses for officers and staff [with instructions on how to set up email addresses on computers and mobile devices.]done
  • working on new document section for members to view/download PDF minutes of meetings (in progress)
  • Calendar sectiondone
  • Gallery sectiondone
  • Design implementation of MCL National requirements on information dissemination and content for Newsletters (in progress)
  • placeholders for MODD and YM programs in Programs section. (in progress) – to do: Membership, VA volunteer hours.

Upcoming pages / sections:

  • Commandants Pagedone
  • Sr. Vice Commandants Page
  • Jr. Vice Commandants Page
  • Judge Advocates Page
  • Members Section
  • Past Commandants
  • History of the Detachment – Detachment Historian’s Page
  • Remembering our Fallen
  • Spotlight
  • Communications
  • Sound Off (considering a BB system for members)
  • Ships Store
  • PayPal implementation for donations / dues



Welcome to the new Saguaro554.ORG!

Welcome to our new website. We hope to get all the information you need about us in one place. Who we are, what we do, how you can help.

Please excuse our dust as we are under construction and are adding new features to the website such as Gallery, Calendar, Ships Store and a Members Only area where Detachment Members can view minutes of meetings, reports, or even sound off on a bulletin board visible only to other members.

We hope you enjoy your stay and feel free to contact us with comments or suggestions.