New site update 25 June 2018

These are the things I am working on today. Updated 29 Oct 2018


  • creating new email addresses for officers and staff [with instructions on how to set up email addresses on computers and mobile devices.]done
  • working on new document section for members to view/download PDF minutes of meetings (in progress)
  • Calendar sectiondone
  • Gallery sectiondone
  • Design implementation of MCL National requirements on information dissemination and content for Newsletters (in progress)
  • placeholders for MODD and YM programs in Programs section. (in progress) – to do: Membership, VA volunteer hours.

Upcoming pages / sections:

  • Commandants Pagedone
  • Sr. Vice Commandants Page
  • Jr. Vice Commandants Page
  • Judge Advocates Page
  • Members Section
  • Past Commandants
  • History of the Detachment – Detachment Historian’s Page
  • Remembering our Fallen
  • Spotlight
  • Communications
  • Sound Off (considering a BB system for members)
  • Ships Store
  • PayPal implementation for donations / dues